Birdsong at Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
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           The Resonance Project is dedicated to documenting the ancestral songs and ceremonies of indigenous peoples. To this end, the project uses several media not only to preserve this vanishing legacy, but also to encourage its continuation.

*  Resonance Productions was created in 2000 by Victoria Vorreiter as a nonprofit organization to launch a series of independent documentary films formatted for public television, "Music and the Cycles of Life." The intent of these documentaries is to provide a vivid testament to cultural observances and values around the world.

*  Beginning with “The Music of the Golden Triangle and The Cycles of Life,” a series of “educational modules” is being created to provide in-depth, extended versions of content found in the film. These will include a detailed narrative, translations, and study guide. Modules may be viewed independently and appreciated by scholars and the general public alike.

*  Compact Discs, offering examples and full excerpts of tribal music, will accompany the films, but may also be realized as an independent series.

*  Podcasts and other digital delivery systems will be maintained on this periodically updated website (

*  Photo-essay books of traditional peoples will complement the video and aural media.

*  A traveling exhibition on traditional tribal music and culture is being assembled for the Golden Triangle project using interactive media. The show will contain the Golden Triangle film, film modules, recordings, photographs, a collection of musical instruments, and tribal apparel.

*  The Resonance Project aims to create a foundation, not only to make these archives available to the public but also to establish a vehicle to pass ancestral musical traditions on to new generations, before they vanish altogether.

Vicki Vorreiter, at Djemaa el Fna, Marrakech
The Filmmaker
          Victoria Vorreiter’s life in music has taken on several forms, all in search of the heart response to melody and rhythm. Victoria is a violinist and specialist in the Suzuki Method, which has led to positions at music schools and universities in England, France, and the United States. As an active clinician and lecturer, she has been invited to present at international conferences and workshops in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Singapore), the Pan Pacific (New Zealand, Australia), Europe (Ireland, England, Finland, Holland, France), the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, St. Barthélémy, Bermuda), Canada, and throughout the United States. Her most recent appointment was on the faculty of the School of Music at DePaul University, in Chicago, Illinois.
          While completing graduate study at Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech, Victoria first witnessed the primal and ever-present role that music plays in the lives of the Moroccan people, who continue to maintain a vital oral tradition that is age-old. She vowed to return to Morocco to document its rich musical heritage, resulting in the documentary, “The Music of Morocco and the Cycles of Life.” This was the turning point that led to the creation of Resonance Productions, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving ancestral songs and ceremonies of traditional peoples. 
          Currently Victoria is in post-production with her second film, “The Music of the Golden Triangle and the Cycles of Life,” which will be complemented by a series of educational modules, a CD, a photo-essay book, and an exhibition. The Resonance Project has plans to continue this path, next tracing rites of passage through music in the Himalayas.