Support for RSS

What is RSS?
You may recently have heard or seen something called RSS. You may have noticed little orange buttons around the websites that mention RSS, XML, syndication, Atom feeds, Podcasts and the like.

RSS is a "feed" or a broadcast sent to you, and routed to your RSS "reader," the software or website you use to browse the news, views, reviews and opinions you choose to have sent to you.

This is not email. You must choose the sites that you want to read and physically subscribe to. Also it is not spam. You can unsubscribe or end the feed with a single mouse click.

On the other hand it is not browsing . Web pages come to you, instead of you going to them. They arrive in summary form, and you look at them when it pleases you, instantly, or an hour or a few days later.

Problems viewing the feed?
The most common complaint is that when you click on the button you recieve a page of computer code rather than the actual feed. The reason for this is that your browser must be up-to-date to contain the necessary software to handle the feed. If you use Internet Explorer you should go here to update your browser. If you have a genuine copy of windows this upgrade is free:  

Another requirement is Adobe Acrobat Reader because some of the feeds are distributed as pdfs and you must be able to read them. Most computers by now will have this feature installed but if yours does not then you can download it for free here:

We publish some material as MP3 sound files. If you are unable to hear them you may need to download the Quicktime Player. This is a free download from Apple and you can get it here:

The feeds should show on all up-to-date browsers.

The feeds are stored either in your favourites section or in tabs at the top of your browser page and will show you when there is an unread item awaiting you.

We can distribute information in many forms and can even send video via our RSS feed.

So please keep an eye open for new items on the feed and enjoy watching the exciting development of The Resonance Project and "Music and the Cycles of Life."